Sunday, 6 December 2015

Essex Warriors, 6th December 2015

After a week with the Sierra Leone army last week, it was back to small soldiers today at Essex Warriors ...

We fought a US Forces v Arab Insurgents game

using Cold War Commander rules (Rafael's favourites)

I was given some Arab regulars hidden in and around this village

and "Fleet Air Arm" Steve some irregulars in the palm groves

The Yanks, as was to be expected, had tons of equipment and air power. Here's their entry onto the table ...

with helicopter support

and a drone !

Attack helicopters swooped in and rained fire down on the first palm grove

just because one of our AA teams had opened up on them !

First blood to FAA Steve ! A Humvee has brewed.

The Yanks scatter in all directions

with one group taking up a position at a road junction

Another Insurgent AA gun reveals itself and shoots at the US helicopters - no luck though

The air attack continues

and the occupants of the plan grove decimated

one group tries to leave

too late !  No more palm grove.

While this was going on, Wes moved his armour around the far hill

Looking formidable !

An insurgent technical with AA gun fires at the drone above

and true to form misses !

Next bit of American kit to arrive - a tank buster

An insurgent AA gun takes a pop at the tank buster

but guess what - no result.

The Insurgents decide to mount up their foot troops into BMPs and head towards the US infantry

as T72s are spotted in the orchard beside the Arab village.

An over view of the battle at this stage.

The American armour carries on round the hill

and the visible enemy AA unit taken out.

And an Insurgent tank for good measure.

The helicopter gun ships return and rain hell down on the BMPs

destroying each one in turn.

The tank buster has fly over the village looking for the enemy tanks

Well these three are visible !

Wes knocks two out swiftly so Raf declares the game over.

Thank goodness as Steve and I were just getting a pasting !

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  1. A beautiful and very atmospheric table...great pictures!