Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Frederick's Unstoppable Juggernaught

A Seven Years War Battle using DKK rules

Steve won the toss and chose the Prussians

His skirmishers advance on the woods

As the Prussians lead by the Grenadiers move forwards

Opposite, a Russian Grenadier brigade on the hilltop together with an emplaced battery of guns

Prussian cavalry thunders around the far side of the hill, spying Austrian cuirassiers

The Prussian lines roll forwards as Austrian infantry stand and fire

Flags unfurled, Prussian brigadiers urge their men on

Fire is exchanged at long range

Austrian skirmishers exchange fire with the Prussians in the woods

Prussian guns are unlimbered on a slight rise behind the woods

Fire all along the lines

The first wave charge into the Austrian positions

as more Prussian infantry advance on the hill held by the Russians

The Prussian artillery opens fire

The Prussian grenadiers beat the Austrians left and centre

causing confusion in the ranks

Unformed markers everywhere at this stage !

Steve throws a "double six" and Austrian colours are captured and presented to the Prussian brigadier

An Austrian brigade has fled leaving a hole in the centre of their positions

Austrian cavalry moves across to try and cover the gap

One Austrian success - Prussian cavalry foolishly charge formed infantry and pay the price !

Their remnants flee and spook the rest of the brigade

But, another disaster for the Allies - the Russian brigadier's horse bolted and he ends up being captured and presented to the Prussian commander !

The Prussians storm the heights after shooting down the Russian gunners

Grenadiers attack again across the road

The Russian infantry on the hill are separated and the C-in-C has to take control in the absence of the Russian brigadier

Russian grenadiers try to recapture the fortifications

The Austrians are falling back !

All out retreat threatens to turn into a rout

Game over - an emphatic Prussian win.

In these rules, being Prussian and grenadiers make for a powerful and unstoppable force - or was it my s**t dice throwing ?!!  A bit of both I suspect.

Nevertheless, a gripping game and the rules are easy to pick up and absorb.