Monday, 2 June 2014

Partizan, 1st June, Newark

This year, it was held in the grounds of Kelham Hall, in a very large and bright marquee.  Personally, I liked it as everything was cheek by jowl and easy to find.

Drinks and eats were over by the cricket pavilion, as was discovered early on by the revered editor of Miniature Wargames/Battlegames magazine, none other than Henry Hyde ...

and your gentle blogger has also caught a certain Mr Perry with pint in hand too !

"Pissoirs" seem to be the in thing this year.  Too Fat Lardies had one at Salute in their Chain of Command game and now the lads from Southend had one in their early WWI game ...

Here's some of the action with troops utilising the flat roof of a chateau to spy on the enemy across the canal

and here's some early air power

a bit of armoured support for these lads
 and I hope these chaps bought a return ticket ...

I particularly liked this Retreat from Moscow scene

from the new Perry Miniatures range

Too Fat Lardies had a busy day ... here's Richard Clarke surrounded by other blokes in shorts

The famous Sidney Roundwood showing off his prowess in a Through the Mud and The Blood game

and there's nowt to compete with his superb WWI Western Front terrain

The Perry Twins and Rick Priestley had a superb WWII Desert game going on

using Bolt Action rules

A big Age of Reason battle certainly brought the house down ...

Lots of colourful uniforms in this one

I saw plenty of traders in high spirits with a steady flow of customers.

All in all, I think it worked well - where will Partizan be next year I wonder ?


  1. Stephen, a great post, thank you. I'm so sorry I didn't have chance to speak at any length! It was a hectic day! I was longing for a pint by the end! Great to see you, all the same. Catch up at greater length next time!

  2. Stephen, sorry I missed you! Did you get any photos of the Zulu game by any chance?

  3. Simon, I've just e-mailed you some of Steve Clarke's pictures which did contain the Zulus.

    Sidney - lets have a pint next time !