Tuesday, 20 May 2014

German Counter Attack 1918

A Through the Mud and the Blood game.

Advanced sentries with a Lewis gun see some movement

Oh my God !  Its a German attack !

More troops are spotted

The Lewis gunners pick off a couple

But they in turn are hit

Other British troops in a wood are still concealed

As, further back, is another section plus a field gun

The section in the woods opens fire revealing their position

As the Germans storm across the open fields

Those in front of the woods see their NCO go down

and two men, finding he is still alive, carry him from the field

The German CO orders forward a heavy MG to bring down some supporting fire

Just as the British field gun gets its firing orders

The foremost German unit attacks the woods

but the British repulse them - 4 Germans killed to 3 British.

As the Germans are thrown back

the German HMG opens fire on the woods

as a German light MG team skirt around the woods

and attack the remaining Tommy at that end

Over on the other side, a British unit is rushed forwards to try and stop the Germans getting to the cottage

and their heroic leader picks up the abandoned Lewis gun and hits the leading Germans

despite the carnage in the woods

the Germans try again

the field gun hits some of them

the attack goes in

and the British forced from the woods

the British sergeant being the only man left, is captured

Away right, the British have driven off the Germans with their heroic officer taking on four enemy at once !

However, with the key woods position in enemy hands, the British troops are ordered back to regroup.

Round one to the Germans !


  1. I've nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! I follow over 400 Wargaming Blogs so picking a shortlist of just 11 was really difficult, congratulations. You can see my post listing all my nominations (including this blog) here : http://www.blmablog.com/2014/05/ive-been-liebstered.html

  2. Nice looking battle, beautiful minis!

  3. Hi Steve, "M&B" is still on my "to play" list, what do you think of them as a ruleset? Bear in mind that, after 30 years gaming I don't think I've ever played a post-1914 game, but tempted by the Lard

  4. Thanks a lot, Lee, much appreciated. Thanks too, Phil for your compliment.
    Hi Simon ! Very much in the mould of Sharp Practice with add ons for WWI technology, very playable.