Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Plattdorf : the last chapter

Both sides cavalry have reformed and charge each other again

The Lorraine centre holds steady
and forces the VFS in between the hills into line to try and stem their losses
The VFS artillery continue to pound the white coated infantry opposite them
but receive a long range volley in return and some gunners are down
Over on the Lorraine right, the infantry continue to trade volleys but the VFS are getting much the better of it
and their flank support on the hill is being badly mauled before it can get into position
The pressure on the Lorraine right proves too much and the two white coated regiments there fall back with over 50% casualties
The Arquebusier de Grassin try to cover their retreat
The one crumb of comfort for the Lorraine geenral is to see the VFS centre regiment fall back
The cavalry clash sways to and fro

but the Lorraine hussars cannot hold off the VFS lancers

and break from the field
As the VFS infantry threaten the left too
The Lorraine general has seen enough and orders the exposed infantry in front of Plattdorf back
With both flanks gone, he orders a general retreat - the VFS have won the day !
and the VFS troops advance across the stream.


  1. Have to agree, looks like it was a gret game.

  2. A wonderful collection of figures Stephen.