Sunday, 24 November 2013

Plattdorf (continued)

The cavalry melee over on the Lorrraine left flank with the VFS Uhlans edging it over two bounds but both sides have to retire and regroup. 

Over on the Lorraine right, their infantry trade fire with the VFS blue coats
As other white coated infantry line the centre hills
Some watch the VFS troops emerge from between the hills
Then a crashing volley emits and the VFS Colonel in the lead with another officer are casualties for foolishly leading the attack
A second volley causes more damage and the VFS troops recoil
Both sides artillery now join the action

And infantry casualites start to mount
A white coat Colonel is the unlucky first casualty in his regiment
Promptly followed by more men as they are enfiladed form the hills opposite
Supports arrive besides the infantry lines facing each other across the wooden bridge

As Lorraine infantry form line in front of Plattdorf village
The newly arrived VFS infantry's first volley has devastating effect on the white coats opposite
As the head of another VFS column receives artillery fire
The battle will continue during the course of this week as and when I get the odd hour - so far, it hangs in the balance with neither side getting a breakthrough.


  1. Nice stuff. looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

  2. Beautiful pictures and figures!