Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Time Battles.

Well, we have two lined up over the Christmas period !  First up, a Lace Wars conflict between the Red Army and the Blue Army (titles yet to be conferred) and, aptly, the Battle is called St.Nicholas, named after the small town and nearby river.
Here's a few pictures of what it may look like on 23rd when the clash will occur.
Massed regiments of "The Blues" overlooked by a commander.
Blue light cavalry on the flank
Blue grenadiers in St.Nicholas
Red troops moving at the double to occupy some woods.
The Red ridge defence line.
Another view of the Reds position.
The Red reserves across the St.Nicholas River.  Its vital that these crossings are secured.
However, remember, dear reader, that these dispositions may change on the day !

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