Monday, 11 November 2019

I've defected !

... or, was I thrown out of having a command in the French army ?!!

Yesterday's club game organised by Steve and Graham, had Graham as French C-in-C, this time assisted by Ian and Mike.

Steve C took pity on me and gave me the Austrian cavalry and advance guard on the Allied side - despite my recent track record with dice throwing !

Here's the table set up. The Franco-Bavarians will arrive on the right, the Austro-Prussians on the left.

The view from the other end.

First to arrive, part of my command, a brigade of Austrian heavy cavalry and a unit of Jagers 

Over at the far end, Graham has marched on a Bavarian brigade and they have occupied the farm already - light infantry at the hedge row

They have managed to get two guns up on the high ground supported by Chevaux Legeres

Steve C brings on Austrian infantry in line opposite the Bavarian guns

Graham has handed over command of the left wing to Ian, who is encouraged to send on a French light cavalry brigade which trots past the Bavarian infantry

The Bavarian artillery opens fire on the Austrian infantry

I've managed to get more troops on table - the rest of my advance guard brigade - the Jagers that came on earlier have occupied the woods

Steve's infantry advance under fire

The French cavalry declare a charge

forcing Steve's end battalion into square

at this point, Steve brings on his big Prussian brigade in line on our right flank

They are lead by the Prussian Guard

The Bavarian gunners have now come under musket range of the Austrian infantry and its effective !

My Austrian columns advance between the woods out on our left flank - seeking an enemy to fight !

They did not have long to wait - a big French infantry brigade enters right of centre, accompanied by two artillery batteries

The Prussians and Bavarians engage in a fire fight

The Bavarian columns wait for orders to charge

The French cavalry charge - and catch the Prussian Guard in line !

The French infantry columns come on and the guns deployed

and behind them - a French heavy cavalry brigade arrives

They are ordered to charge the Austrian cuirassiers - but fail their command

They sit tight behind their infantry

Steve's Prussians have now advanced to attack the farm 

As Austrian infantry face up to the approaching French infantry

A French column with supports charges the front Austrian line

As Bavarians, Austrians and Prussians fight it out before the farm 

Again, the French cuirassiers are ordered to charge

and again, they fail to move. The Austrian cuirassiers have charged the French infantry forcing them into square, then retiring back to their lines

Graham decides to charge the Bavarian cavalry - they get disordered but so are the Austrians !

The Austrian lines in the centre are really up against it with all these French columns attacking them

Indeed, the Austrians are forced to retire 

By this time, I have managed to get my Austrian advance guard around onto the French right flank

For the third time, the French cuirassiers are ordered to charge (!)

Third time lucky - they hit the Austrian cuirassiers who have elected to receive the charge at the halt in order to get the assistance of the Austrian artillery and support units

Mike has charged a unit of French Middle Guard against my infantry 

as the French light cavalry charge again - the Prussian unit they face is shaken and disordered

Can they hold ?

They do ! The French cavalry have taken casualties and Austrian grenadiers have broken through onto the hill

just as the Prussians smash the Bavarian infantry and capture the farmyard 

Austrian fire has caused casualties on the French columns

and the Austrian cuirassiers have defeated their French counterparts

as my Austrian infantry overcome the French Middle Guard

At this point, the French admit defeat with both wings crumbling and their cavalry put to flight.

Oh, and my dice throwing was amazing for once - perhaps I will be given another command on the Allied side again.  Only time will tell !!!

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