Sunday, 12 May 2019

The Scotti Are Coming !

A long gap for me, I admit, but illness followed by a holiday in the USA has prevented anything war gaming for several weeks.

Anyway, at the club today Allan and I had planned a Dux Britanniarum game as he was keen to try out his Scotti army again.

It was a church raid by the Scotti and Allan managed to get three complete turns before the Romano-British (R-Bs) could react.

Before that, we elected to do some pre-game events which raised Allan's morale by two and I managed to lose my Champion !

This should have told me something !!!

Brave words, Champ, but you got beat.

Allan and I were ably assisted (hindered ?) by Mike and Steve 

Here are the Scotti rushing across the table, their third turn and the first of the R-Bs appear beyond their flank

The Scotti skirmishers and harassing troops turn to engage them

The Scotti horse have managed to get to the church - next activation is to dismount and search the church for plunder

The R-B levy have charged onto the field and gone straight for the enemy banner where their leader must be

The R-Bs get the best of this first round of combat and the Scotti recoil from the fight

but when the action starts again

it is the R-Bs that feel the heat, formation broken and casualties galore

a follow-up charge by the Scotti sees the R-Bs break and flee

Now the British Lord sends forwards his warrior formation

can they break the resolve of the Scotti command ?

The Lord goes with them to add his dice too

but disaster strikes again, the R-Bs are decimated

The remnants of the warriors are thrown back

The lord gets them back into formation but their advance is stopped

by a flank attack by the Scotti commander's warriors

Its all over for the Romano-British, their morale has crashed to zero so the Scotti can raid the church at leisure.

The one British elite unit had managed to hang back and avoid any contact and they now slope off the battlefield with their heads down.

Emphatic victory for the Scotti !

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  1. A bad day for the home team! Nice stuff, thanks for sharing.