Monday, 12 March 2018

Muddy CoC : Chain of Command WWI

Yesterday at the club we tried out the WWI adaptations for Chain of Command as published in the Too Fat Lardies Christmas Special back in 2014.

Mike and Allan prepare to do battle - Mike is putting on his first Germans as Allan has his British hidden in the trenches

The British start with a morale of 9

The Germans are on 8.

A unit of German infantry scramble forwards and get into a shell hole for cover

and a Machine Gun covers them

Allan reveals a Vickers in the trenches which opens fire

and the first unit is deployed in the trenches - these have two Lewis guns

This is the British right of there line - no one showing yet !

Some British heads peer over the trench cautiously

Next on, a German mortar team - nasty !

In trying to get forwards, some German infantry have been hit by the Vickers team

Mike decides its time to commit more men to the attack

Just as well as the front unit has taken a pasting

Its tough going - the next unit takes a hit too

but a double move enables Mike to get some men up to the wire

More British troops show on the line and add their firepower

The smoke marks two of the British deployment points.

Despite enemy fire, the Germans are cutting the wire

Covering fire keeps the Tommies heads down

Small comfort to the men in this shell hole

At last a section of wire has been cut through

The Germans know where the British command post is !

Currently being used by a Stokes mortar team

Most of the British troops are up the other end of the trenches

so Senior Leaders attempt to get them to cover the now vulnerable trench section

Now the wire is cut, the Germans get more men up to throw bombs and charge

 Despite the British laying down some fire

they get in the trenches

Now its going to get nasty

a fierce fight sees the numbers fall on both sides

but some of the Germans have managed to attack the British mortar team in the bunker

Britrish morale has taken a tumble

The battle for the bunker sees both sides suffer - but the British have had one of their deployment points over run which batters the morale again

German mortar and MG fire has kept the British heads down at the other end of the trench - preventing them shifting to the left and assist the point of attack

At this point British morale collapsed and the Germans emerge clear winners

I think Mike and Allan enjoyed this - here's the article which inspired this little game.

Next Sunday, its back to ECW action !


  1. Good stuff! Interesting to see how CoC plays out in the Great War.

  2. Great looking game, nice looking unts and trenches!