Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Seven Years War - Black Powder

Steve and Mike called around earlier this week for a quick game of Black Powder, so we used what troops I had to hand.

Steve had the Austrians & French seen arriving on the back of the board

with some French skirmishers in the woods in the foreground.

and he got off to a cracking start with a light cavalry brigade crashing through between the woods and some fields.

which upset the peasants working in the fields - they charged them with hoes and staves !

Mike has some dismounted Hussars foraging in the village

and a light cavalry brigade with an artillery battery out on the right flank.

Steve also has a battery and they have deployed to shoot at the peasants and hussars.

Mike detaches one green coated hussar unit to try and head off the Austrian hussar attack.

The peasants have chased off one unit of Austrian cavalry so now try their luck charging the Austrian guns !

Not good ! - they flee back into the safety of the fields as Austrian infantry deploy to face the enemy

The hussar look out shouts down to the cavalry brigade - come this way !

Al Murray, the pub landlord, is not happy with all this going on - its ruining business !

Steve's hussars have been bullying Mike's light infantry but now get a fright - a whole brigade of infantry arrive and fire straight at them.

Too close for comfort

they back off with casualties

and one unit has broken completely

Now Mike's cavalry attempt to charge the Austrian infantry

as one Austrian unit attempts to charge the dismounted hussars in the field

This is the high water mark of the battle - it could go either way

but - the Austrian infantry break and flee and Mike's infantry advance and continue to shoot at the remaining Austrian cavalry

as the Hussars have become disordered they are unable to extricate themselves from this problem

and Mike's Hussars arrive to add to their misery

To add insult to injury, Steve's skirmishers in the woods break after exchanging fire with Mike's green coated light infantry

Crash ! Mike's hussars charge

and its all too much for there Austrians - they go.

Mike's men now attack the remaining enemy in the woods

They only have the guns as support now

but for how long ?

Mike's hussars now crash into the guns

No contest - a flank attack so no closing fire

Time for the remaining skirmishers to skulk away

A satisfied General stops for a pint at Al's place.

Not a bad day at the office !

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