Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sharp Practice AWI style

Our club game today was an AWI skirmish taken from one of Chris Stoesen's marvellous PDFs covering the southern campaign (these were written for the first set of Sharp Practice rules but easily adapt to SP2)

This particular one was called Little Lyches and took place just before the Battle of Camden, where elements of 23rd Foot were guarding the approaches to the main army as the American forces approach.

Here we see Steve and Graham setting up the British forces on the right, Bob is pondering the American position (With Rafael who is just out of picture)

All terrain off-road is boggy so restricts movement in the same way that the woods do.

Graham has decided to place his two units in the woods in skirmish, to harass the enemy straight away.

Quite successful ! The first American mounted rifles lose a man and pick up some shock into the bargain.

Bob & Rafael decide to dismount and deploy on foot so that they can return fire. Captain Baker and the Regulars arrive on road too.

Steve Clarke decides to go on the offensive and crosses the stream with his formation.

What bad luck - the NCO leading the British skirmishers had ventured in front of his own men and suffered a bullet in his backside as a reward.  From now on he is reduced in status !

 Steve's troops have advanced despite the treacherous ground and his men are trading shots with the Americans - the mounted rifles have lost  quite a few men.  And smoke has developed in front of the Regulars line.

The Americans have, however, forced back the British skirmishers on the left flank (they have taken so much shock they are backing away).

Bob has got his Regulars presented and firing controlled volleys with some effect.

Graham's remaining men continue to take pot shots at the American lines

Having started well, the British formation is now suffering casualties and a build up of shock.

The American NCO has taken a grazing shot which has knocked him out temporarily

Not as bad as the British leader, who has not only been hit but killed in action !

What had been a slogging match of trading volleys suddenly took on a different slant. The British having lost their commander saw their morale plummet and their ability to perform gone.

It would only be a matter of time before the Americans pressed home their advantage.

Game over !  Surprisingly, for such small numbers on the table (34 a side if you include the Big Men) this game lasted for some four hours.

A good start for Bob and Rafael at Sharp Practice.

As well as several DBM competition games going on, there was an attractive Lion Rampart game going on as seen below

Figures from Allan's and Mike's collections, I believe

We had a break at lunchtime to carry out the club AGM when President, Secretary, Treasurer and QuarterMaster were elected and annual subs collected - it all went quite seamlessly and we are well set up for another year's gaming !

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