Sunday, 8 January 2017

A return to Dux Britanniarum

Steve and I had agreed to introduce some new players at the club to Dux Brit, so a battle was decided upon to get the most people involved and extra units added in to make sure everyone had something to do.

This is the scene - a village in the centre, woods on both edges, Saxon invaders approaching from the left, Romano-British defenders on the right.

I had Peter and Ian assisting my R-Bs and Steve had Graham and Allan.

Steve explaining some of the rules to his team (with Mike looking on)

We did very well with our opening Force Morale and with the pre-battle events, we did even better

Our Champion beat their Champion which put us on maximum morale after Pre-Battle events were over (speeches, drinking etc)

We also got the maximum advance on the opening move which took us right up to the village whereas the Saxons had thrown low and only advanced six inches.

Here we see the R-B's levy troops in line with the village.

Peter had three units of levy and one of warriors on our right and he proceeded cautiously.


The R-Bs content themselves with defending the line of the village, waiting for the Saxons to attack.

Graham was in charge of the Saxons facing my levy troops
 Ian managed to get some slingers through the woods and fire at the enemy from there.

Steve has control of the Saxon left and advances towards Peter's line

Faced with a growing number of enemy, my levy are ordered to retire with a view to exchanging them for our better quality warriors

but the Saxons got in first and battle ensues.

Despite losing their leader, the levy have pushed back the enemy with casualties

as seen by these gaps and now they lose a leader too from the slingers next shot !

The Saxons charge again but by now we have got the warriors in front supported by the Lord and his elite troops.

 Over on Peter's side of the table, he has drawn the Shieldwall card and applies it to his levy troops to strengthen their formation.

Back on our left, we await the next Saxon charge, having driven off the first two groups. 
 Yep, here they come again !

as Steve tries his luck against Peter's shield wall.

The whiled wall wins

Emphatically ! Great dice throws by Peter !

This was enough to send the Saxon morale plummeting to zero - game over in three hours !

All in all, hopefully a good introduction to the mechanisms in Dux Britanniarum to the lads and we shall return to this again soon.

A busy day at the club with a full hall, here's a couple of the other games going on

A Vietnam game in 15mm

A Pony Wars game

and a 28mm Napoleonic game (using Principles of War rules I believe)

Next club game two Sunday's time and we will be putting on a multi-player Black Powder Napoleonic with lots of units !

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  1. Great AAR! I hope to begin playing Dux B soon.