Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Rescue of a British Lady - a TMWWBK game

This was our Essex Warriors Christmas game, fought with Richard and Ian being the British and the "Two Steves" the evil Afghans.

Alan and Mike acting as impartial umpires (most of the time anyway !)

A walled Afghan market town is the British objective

Where it appears to be market day !

The British Lady is under guard somewhere in here.

The British column are seen in the distance on the road to town

A stirring sight !

"It all seems a bit too quiet, Sarge"

"Crash" Afghans appear on a ridge and open fire at the head of the column

Is this any clearer ?

We tried to include Afghan artillery but the umpires refused us permission !

Here's a column arriving at the gates of the town, trying to get away from the British

By the way, we had a good turn out at the club today and the table was laden with Christmas goodies to eat !

Back to the game - my advanced group who had fired at the British column now discovered they had no more ammunition, so decided to leg it !

The trouble with that idea was that the Scots decided to give chase.

This is clearer.

and another group had run around the side of the hill to intercept my Afghans !

Not good !

Here's another view

The Afghans are now on the receiving end of a bayonet charge
 and get destroyed - one unit down already !

Richard now gets his Sikhs across a hill with bullock drawn artillery following along

as yet more troops shadow the road to town

This is the view from behind the British lines at this point.

An Afghan's eye view of Ian and Richard from the top of the town wall - enough to put you off your Christmas dinner !

Nothing stops market day though !

We tried to introduce a big Afghan mortar but guess what - Mike wouldn't let us have that either !

Meantime, the caravan is still waiting for the gates to open into town

Steve C now reveals an Afghan unit which opens fire on Richard's advancing troops
 as Ian moves his men towards the enemy town

The Rajput gunners prepare to unlimber.

It must be bright sun light judging by this over exposed picture !

 Steve's men now get shot at from two or three directions

Their numbers dwindle and very soon they too will be gone

Ian now has troops in cover near to the town

and support coming

Market day continues unabated.

The British now open fire on Afghans lining the town walls

As Steve C witnesses the destruction of his riflemen

a closer view of the Scots under Ian's control

With the way clear, all advance on the town

The Afghans are being outgunned on the rooftops - especially now the Rajput gun has opened fire.

The build up to the final assault

The Rajput gun destroys the wooden town gate

as the Afghan defenders are seriously depleted in numbers

Closer and closer the Brits get

Charge ! Afghans try to defend the gate

but the Scots get in

and kill most of the Afghans

At this point, the British lady proves that she had a hidden weapon
  and kills her jailor !

Game over ! Even the Heron in the pond outside was impressed.


  1. Great stuff! Nice to see a plucky gel not afraid to use her parasol to give impertinent fellows what for. I like the 1:1 scale heron.

  2. well done Steve. A report to the Times was treated with great joy.