Friday, 16 September 2016

Clash at Hill's Iron Works, 18th June 1780

For this Sharp Practice AWI battle, we took inspiration from Chris Stoesen's supplement originally written for the original Sharp Practice rules, entitled "With Fire and Sword, Skirmishes and Battles in South Carolina June to August 1780".

We tweaked the troops involved in this Scenario Number Five to fit my collection and the new SP format, so a departure from what Chris reported and intended - apologies Chris !

However, he we go - me controlling the Loyalists under Captain Christian Huck and Steve Clarke handling the Rebels under Captain Howe.

The Iron Works dominates the centre of the table, close to the river bridge.

Behind, on a hill, a Rebel gun is fixed in position behind earthworks but facing the wrong way as the British are coming from the North not the South which was the Rebel expectation.

All quiet at the moment ! You can just make out the Rebel Jump Off Point near the Iron Works.

Here's the British Jump Off Point at the end of the road.

American Morale starts on 8

The British on 9.

Loyalist Rangers are the first to appear steadily making way down the road.

and then across into the fields

American troops emerge near the Iron Works led by Howe.

A column of New York Volunteers appear on the British end

Very smart turn out !

Rebel skirmishers dash across the bridge

and are immediately confronted by the New York men

The Loyalist Rangers are the first to open fire 

First blood to the Brits !

More American skirmishers line the woods facing across the river

The Americans line out along the water's edge

Shocked, the Rebel skirmishers duck across the fence and leave the New Yorkers to one side

There's plenty of Americans across the water to deal with them, surely !

The New York Volunteers are ordered across the bridge into the attack

They force back the Rebels despite taking casualties

Who is going to grab the initiative now ?

The New York Volunteers suddenly receive fire from behind as the enemy skirmishers take advantage

A tricky moment.

As the shock is mounting on them.

Fresh American troops replace those hurt in the brief fight at the bridge.

But here the New Yorkers come again - fisticuffs !

The New Yorker's leader is stunned but the Rebel one is killed out right.

Because of the casualties, both sides retire to reform

The New Yorkers have dragged their unconscious leader with them

Now the 33rd Foot have joined the fray and fire upon the enemy skirmishers on the British side of the river 

Tally Ho !  Huck arrives at the head of the British Legion cavalry and orders up some more Loyalist Rangers in passing.

Huck's men crash across the water

into the enemy infantry

Ouch ! Pretty devastating

The American unit is destroyed

and now the next unit has to face the cavalry

Same result - all knocked down like skittles

and this also means the American Deployment Point has been over-run.

By this point, the American morale had plummeted to Zero and the remaining troops melted away to try and save their skins.

Well done Captain Huck !

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