Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Colonel Lee does it again ! More Sharp Practice fun.

British High Command were furious when Colonel Robert Moore's attack on Lee's Turnpike had failed ignominiously.

Unwilling to admit defeat, a new commander was chosen, Colonel Geoffrey Hurst with a different sort of command : 3 groups of 33rd Foot under Captain Geoff Pike backed up by two groups of Hessian Jagers under Lt. Hitzelsperger & Sgt. Schultz, one group of British light infantry under Sgt. Carlton Cole and two large groups of ferocious Indians. Today, they are being controlled by Mike FitzSimmons from Essex Warriors.

He decides to launch the attack from the other side of the river, via the woods.

Here's some of the Indians making their way through the trees

Indian leader Jo Brand

Sgt. Cole's light infantry 

and Hitzelsperger's Hessian Jagers

American riflemen had already checked out the approaches to the ford but spotted nothing alarming

but that is about to change !

Colonel Hurst urges his men to advance

Captain Pike's regulars skirt the woods on the right

whilst the Hessians and "Light Bobs" make their way through the woods fronting the ford

Indians out on the left

Colonel Lee is alert and assembles troops along the turnpike facing the direction of the enemy

The Hessians pause as they wait for support before opening fire

Lee now has most of his troops in position, rifles to the fore

With Indian support, the Hessians prepare to get into firing position

and the 33rd Foot have reached the river line to their right

Time to engage !

Two American rifles down and four shocks !

but the firing has produced a wall a black smoke - difficult to fire through

The Indians join in

An American officer is hit - but not badly, he's unconscious for now.

The Indians have also caused a degree of shock on the Continentals opposite

Cole's men open fire too

effectively destroying the small unit of American riflemen

Lee cannot prevent their remnants from fleeing

In response, the American lines open fire

killing half the light infantrymen and stunning their leader

Reload !

The depleted Lights fire again

as the 33rd have their first fire

The American musketry has been devastating - a big gap has appeared in the British line as the Lights   have gone and the Hessians struggling

Not that the Americans have avoided their own casualties.

Jo Brand decides his tomahawk wielding braves need to get into fisticuffs - and charge across the ford . Typically, despite being unloaded, the Americans win the hand to hand combat with six kills and loads of shock - the remaining Indians break

Here's the State Line hurrying to join the lines

Colonel Hurst has had enough - order the recall !

Withe Redcoats retreating and the remaining Indians out on the right refusing to get involved, Lee knows he has won again !

The American grip on the turnpike remains firm.

Another good game of Sharp Practice - what do the British do now ?

Rumours of artillery coming ...

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  1. Another good game and report. I think this could run and run. Happy to have another crack at the rebels at some point. See you on Sunday for the 7YW game.