Tuesday, 26 April 2016

New acquisitions

I've been in a buying mode recently as I seem to have less time to paint.  These are collections I've acquired to give me a "quick fix" !

American War of Independence

Rhode Island Artillery

American units on the march

33rd Foot

British mounted officer urging on his men !

Light infantry

British artillery

Hessians ahead of a Scots regiment

Green coated rebels

Red coated rebels

These British officers don't seem to be taking it seriously !

British Grenadiers

3rd Foot


A mixture of Legionaries, Auxilaries & Cavalry

All patiently awaiting their first outing !


  1. Steve,
    These are rather nice figures, but what you also need are some really well painted 15mm Italian WW2 units.

  2. All are very nice figures, but the AWI troops are my favorites!


  3. Beautiful minis, no doubt!

  4. Yet more figures for Norseygamer. Keep an eye on the ceiling of the room below.
    Looking forward to AWI game at some point and the Romans look as if they need a run out with To the Strongest
    Good idea to buy these.