Friday, 7 August 2015

British Grenadier Game, Billericay War Rooms

A "scratch" game made up for the occasion, partly inspired by the "Sons of Liberty" series recently shown on Sky TV.

The British have heard through spies that the colonists have got their hands on some cannon and the British commander orders that these be captured and brought back to HQ.

Hessian Jaegers in the foreground, British infantry centre and Queen's Rangers over the back move purposefully towards the rebel camp

Enemy militiamen lurk in the woods awaiting their attack

as others are ordered forwards by their general

Continentals are assembling in the camp ready to defend the guns

The redcoats exchange fire with the first militia unit

and then charge sending the rebels reeling back out of the woods

The Americans have got one gun in action bedsides the mill

and it targets the Queen's Rangers coming down the road

with some success !

White coated rebels behind rough ground fire upon the advancing Queen's Rangers

The redcoats press on through the woods 
  as the Continentals form up behind the stream, right of the mill

The rebels thrown out of the woods know whats coming !

Their blood up, the British prepare to charge again

and their Hessian allies move up in support

In they go once more with the bayonet ...

The Continentals watch this with some discomfort

The militiamen are thrown back again in disarray, unforming the unit behind them as they run through

The British C-in-C gets his light gun and amusette in action against the pesky rebel whitecoats 

and bodies begin to tumble.

The Queen's Rangers join in the assault from the road

and the rebel DPs build up to the max ...

They break again

The commander of the Continentals on the right decides to cross the stream to try and stem the tide

The redcoats are over the fence and after the disordered militia

as the Hessians eye the Continentals in front of them

Seeing the militia flee past them, even the Continental units crack

One regiment flees the other tries to hold on.

British and Loyalists surge forwards again with the enemy gun in sight

With the British at the stream and the Queen's Rangers readying themselves for a charge at the cannon, the American commander calls for a full retreat in an attempt to save the guns in the camp

A civilian comes forward to declare his loyalty to the King !

as the local landlord prepares to serve drinks for the thirsty British troops !

Game over.

Obviously early war, as the Americans cracked as soon as the British came at them.

Glad I won the toss and chose the Brits for this game !

Good game with a nice break in the middle for a trip to The Coach & Horses for a pie and a pint - living the dream !

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