Sunday, 19 July 2015

Black Powder Napoleonics at Writtle

This game was going on behind our Ancients one today, so I couldn't resist taking some pics when I got the chance ...

Austrians v French, a made up encounter, I believe, using Black Powder rules.

Here's the Austrians deploying in and around a village

Plenty of heavy cavalry in reserve

Looks like there are more French than Austrians on this battlefield !

The French are from Mark Hiskey's collection

The Austrians are Allan Gaines' men

Bit of a traffic jam at the bridge for the French !

Which the infantry ignored and waded across the river

Big French attack develops right of the woods

French lancers move up to assist the infantry

and Cuirassiers too by the look of things

a desperate battle in the centre with French columns forcing their way through

The Austrian cavalry moves to cover their left as this where the French cavalry are about to break through. Austrian troops are still holding the woods though.

Austrian infantry forced into square by the threat of French Cuirassiers

The Lancers are getting across the river too ...

The players assess the field and its decided the French have won the day - an Austrian retreat is necessary to save the army. 

Well done chaps !

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  1. It did look good; I particularly liked the lancers, which are a rare sight.