Saturday, 2 May 2015

Salute 2015 : A week on !

Well, real life has got in the way of me getting this post published - a week has passed but for what its worth, here were my pics of the big show at London Excel last Saturday.

This is the queue for the "queue busters" those people who have pre-paid and have a receipt

as daunting as it was, once the doors opened at 10am, we all moved along smartly and got in without undue delay.

There appeared to be far more that had prepaid than those in the queue to buy tickets.

Ron Ringrose's static display of the attack on Fort George, was up to his usual standard of being completely gob-smackingly gorgeous !

Of course, based upon the Bernard Cornwell novel

Here's Henry Hyde of Miniature Wargames/Battlegames magazine setting up to take pics of Simon Miller's tremendous Roman battle

With Mark Freeth having a go (as he will be hosting such games down at the Wargames Holiday Centre again this year)

Do you get the feeling Mark and Henry are not taking this too seriously ?!!

The gamers from Antwerp put on this interesting  street battle

set during the Napoleonic era - very nice !

A 28mm ACW game took my fancy - sorry chaps, didn't photograph your name board, so can't give you the credit you deserve.

This enormous scratch built ship with amphibious goings on caught my attention

As did this huge scratch built zeppelin being attacked by WWI aircraft

Got to plug my own club, Essex Warriors, fighting a medieval battle

Rafael had come up with a "what if an English army had invaded France during the Wars of the Roses" scenario

Just an excuse for him to field his lovely WotR armies really !

Oh ... and the French won !

But, in the build up to Salute, the thing that had piqued my interest the most was Too Fat Lardies talk of their modern combat rules being adapted from Chain of Command, "Fighting Season"

Here's Richard Clarke in a blur of activity explaining what they are about !

The Lardy stand was surrounded most of the day with interested gamers who had a go - here's Nick Skinner running a demo game.

As usual, Rich put a lot of effort into the modelling and terrain

If you like Chain of Command, you are going to love this too ! Not sure when its getting released. Hopefully when the play testing is completed this summer - but don't quote me on that.

At lunch time, the war-games bloggers had a meet up in the centre of the hall ... and here they are !

Too many to mention - you know who you are !

So thats it for another year, I went home exhausted but still had to get changed into evening dress as we were attending a formal dinner and dance - but thats another story !

(Oh, and I managed to sneak a few bags of purchases up to the Billericay War Room without the family noticing!)


  1. Some great photos Steve! I know I have but, I never knew you had the Ninja like hiding stuff stealth??

  2. That's alot of eye candy, thanks for posting.