Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Arnhem at the Wargames Holiday Centre

Last weekend eighteen gamers from around the UK got together for the annual Donald Featherstone Memorial Weekend at Mark Freeth's centre at Kingsclere, near Basingstoke.

XXX Corps start off from the base line

and immediately run into trouble !

A tail back develops

because a tank has been brewed on the first bridge

Meantime, British paras and glider borne troops are dropping near Oosterbeek

Casualties were light

and the troops quickly dispersed to protect their landing zones

Guns and jeeps were quickly assembled and companies formed up

Arnhem remains peacefully unaware at this stage

whereas Paras are now moving into Oosterbeek

Airborne recce jeeps are sent out to investigate fire coming from a nearby factory building

Yep, its full of Krauts !

Suddenly, some truck borne German infantry dash into the other side of Oosterbeek

Whilst across the river, a German armoured column approaches the bridge

with an arrogant looking officer leading them !

Paras start to enter Arnhem 

and take up defensive positions

The recce squadron are sent to investigate the Germans getting established in Oosterbeek

an exchange of fire takes place between them

and the jeeps get hit one after the other !

The Germans also took casualties but they could afford to with more and more arriving

as East of Oosterbeek proved - another column of trucks arriving

Hold on - whats coming up with the columns of trucks - old French tanks - what ?

There's something ominous about these old tanks.

Across the Rhine, forward German units move into position

In fact, there are Germans appearing everywhere.

Close to Arnhem itself, an AT gun is placed and attack teams briefed.

These Germans are getting dangerously close to the bridge.

What about XXX Corps ? I hear you cry. Well, not much change really

Despite the best efforts of the "fly boys" to assist them

Now we see Brian Fish sorting out the newly arrived Polish paras

They spread out amongst the buildings and pump works and deploy anti-tank guns too.

On the bridge itself, British paras have deployed a gun of their own to deter the armoured units building up across the river

The paras in Arnhem prepare themselves for the onsaught to come

German units beyond Oosterbeek advance towards the British LZ

as units build up behind Arnhem too

Footnote : I think as I have so many pictures of last weekend's battle, I will publish these tonight and continue the story in the days to come ... call me a tease all you like but I've run out of time right now !


  1. That looks magnificent Steve - bloody smashing in fact. What rules does Mark use at the WHC for WW2 btw? Also mate, what's the scales of the figures 1/72?

    1. Carlo , yes they are 20mm stuff that matches the 1/72 or 1/76th vehicles. Most of the figures where by FAA. Some of the Paras were specially commissioned..
      I painted the parachute division,and Polish paras, and most of the German infantry, along with a lot of the vehicles