Sunday, 1 February 2015

Battle of Brawner's Farm

A Regimental Fire & Fury game at Essex Warriors in 15mm, with Rafael Fonseca - all troops are from his collection.

Its taken from one of the F&F Scenario booklets

Initial dispositions

It's Volume 1 of the scenarios ...

A Confederate Brigade is occupying the centre ground as The Iron Brigade career out of the woods towards them

Are those crazy Yanks really going to do this ?

More Federal troops are making their way through the woods to assist

Here comes the Iron Brigade !

The Confederate volley couldn't stop them

Over on the Federal right more troops have advanced into a swale 

One Rebel unit breaks and a second is now hit by The Iron Brigade

The second Rebel unit breaks so for a moment the Iron Brigade are masters of all they survey

Over on the Confederate right, two artillery batteries arrive and unlimber

Suddenly, the Iron Brigade are no loner alone .... !

Rebel Zoaves have occupied the orchard right of centre

The Rebs advance

Rebs from the orchard and Rebs from the reserve check the Union advance for a while

As the Iron Brigade face another foe

Federal troops moving up on their right

Here we go again !

The Rebel commander thinks he's got the Union boys in a trap here

But the Iron Brigade have pushed back yet another regiment

and all around the battlefield, the Confederates are getting disordered and suffering casualties.

Inspired by The Iron Brigade, the Union army defeats the superior numbers of Rebels.

Well done Rafael !

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