Sunday, 4 January 2015

Ancient Egyptians v Hittites

A real departure for me - Ancient 15mm using DBM with some tweaks !

It actually didn't take much persuading on John Davis' part to get me to join in a game at the Club ... so I became Rameses II for the day !

Here's just a few pictures to give you the flavour

Egyptian chariots and foot troops

Plenty of bowmen in this force

Whereas the Hussites have a preponderance of Chariots, both light and heavy.

I do rather like the look of chariots ... here's some colourful Hittite ones

and light ones for harassing the enemy

a rather better view from the front

these are Egyptian ones

As for the battle, well lots of pushing on in the centre by my Egyptians, which left my flanks rather vulnerable.  By the end, in DBM points terms, we were pretty much even on the casualties inflicted but good fun for a few hours on a miserable winter's afternoon.

Here's the army lists & John's rules amendments

Here's my attack right of centre developing

The very centre where my Egyptian bowmen acquitted themselves quite well against the Hittite foot

My bows and warriors bulldozed their way through the centre - this is at game end.

Many thanks for the DBM tutorial, John.  My first ever proper Ancients game !


  1. I love chariots!! ... but looking for a suitable set of rules after abandoning Warhammer historical several years ago.

    1. Have you tried Impetvs wargame rules?

  2. Impressive sight of figures/armies!

  3. Great looking armies, love these chariots!

  4. What a great bunch of nice painted figures and chariots! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Hi, does anyone know the manufacturer for the heavy Hittite chariots captioned "here's some colourful Hittite ones"? I have a bunch of Biblical chariots/figures of this make and can't find out the manufacturer.
    Thanks James