Saturday, 20 July 2013

Action at Twin Farms

Chain of Command & Battle.

Like one or two other bloggers, I have also been enthused to get out my old  1972 copy of  Battle! By Charles Grant to reenact the scenario "Action at Twin Farms" which is ideally suited to the  forthcoming Too Fat Lardies "Chain of Command" WWII skirmish rules.

Grant's OOB for the small sections and fire teams needs a little tweaking to make their make up more realistic

And I'd rather have my Germans in their own half tracks rather than Russians riding around in them 

Nevertheless, the scenario is still full of excitement and I have British troops waiting in ambush with AT rifle
 And infantry supported by MGs hiding amongst the farm buildings and walls


  1. Google blogger froze on me Benito ! So I published what I could.

    More to follow - promise !